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Rabies awareness cum vaccination programme at KVK Kodagu

ICAR-KVK Gonikoppal, Kodagu, Dept. of AH&VS Ponnampet Taluk & Grama Panchayath Gonikoppal jointly organised Rabies awareness cum vaccination programme at KVK office campus, Gonikoppal on 29th September 2021. During the programme Mrs. Chaitra, president Grama Panchayath, Gonikoppal addressed the gathering & appealed them for getting their pets vaccinated against Rabies to control the disease and congratulated KVK and Veterinary Hospital Gonikoppal for good initiative.

Dr. Suresh S.C, SMS(Livestock) gave brief talk on rabies. Dr. Saju George, Principal Scientist and Head, briefed about the animal husbandry activities at KVK. Dr. Shanthesh, CVO & Dr. Ramesh, Retd. AD were actively involved in vaccinating the pet dogs. About ninety-two pet dogs of seventy-eight people of Gonikoppal, Arvathoklu, Halligattu and Athur villages were vaccinated against Rabies at free of cost. Dr. Bhaushya and Dr. Girsh were the other veterinarians who were actively involved in the programme.