25 days Skill Development Programme on Mushroom grower and Horticulture Nursery at KVK Gonikoppal.

Training programme for Tata Kalike Trust staff and Volunteer farmers from Garwale Grama Panchayat on Post landslide livelihood interventions

A two-day extension functionaries training programme was conducted at KVK, Gonikoppal from 26 to 27th September 2019 on Post flood and landslide livelihood interventions for affected farmers. In total there were eight Participants. On first day the peculiar problems faced by the farmers in affected villages was discussed. During inaugural programme, Dr. Saju George, Head KVK welcomed the participants and gave the technological options available from KVK. Mrs Saleela Patkar from Kodagu model forest trust, and Dr. Sathish, from college of forestry, were the outside experts. Mrs Patkar gave an overview of the interventions carried out in different villages of that area and the current status of new vegetation which is coming up in that area. She also emphasised on the role of Vetiver for slope stabilisation in such landslide prone sites.

The other topics covered during the programme were: 1. Vegetable cultivation2. Mushroom cultivation3. Piggery, Goatary, Poultry and Dairy4. Agro forestry models 5. Restoration measures to avoid soil and water erosion 6. Yield regulation in coffee and Black pepper. At the end of the programme the participants expressed their satisfaction with the programme and said that now they are more confidant of taking up agricultural activities in their devastated lands. Tata Kalike trust will be designing a concrete project from production to marketing based on the inputs received during the two days training. The whole programme was coordinated by Shri B. Prabhakar for the two days.