25 days Skill Development Programme on Mushroom grower and Horticulture Nursery at KVK Gonikoppal.

Hon’ble Prime minister’s live telecast on launching of NADCP and National Artificial insemination

ICAR- KVK and Dept. of AH & VS, Kodagu jointly organised live webcasting of Prime minister’s programme on launching of NADCP and Artificial insemination at Mathura, UP on 11th September 2019.After Prime minister’s live programme a workshop on importance of vaccination and diseases control in livestock was organised. The programme was inaugurated by Mrs. Smitha Prakash, President, Taluk panchayat, Virajpet and after inauguration she spoke about the importance of vaccination and control of diseases in animals which in turn is helpful in the upliftment of economic status of the farmers. Another chief guest Mrs. Asha James, Member, Taluk panchayat, Virajpet addressed the gathering and requested farmers to take benefit out of these programmes. Dr. Thammaiah DD, Dept. of AHVS Madikeri spoke about losses caused due to Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) and Brucellosis disease in dairy animals for quality milk and meat production.

Dr. Saju George, Principal Scientist, KVK Gonikoppal presided over the programme and in his address he emphasised on the importance of animal wealth in doubling farmers income. Dr. Suresh S.C SMS (Livestock) KVK Gonikoppal gave welcome address, where he emphasised on the importance of NADCP and NAI programme for making a healthy animal population of the nation which in turn will remarkably contribute to national GDP. Dr. Chandrashekar Veterinary officer gave vote of thanks to the gathering. A total of 94 farmers, farm women, rural youths and district veterinary staff actively took participation in the programme. After the programme a total of 20 goats and 5 cattle of the farmer in Gonikoppal were vaccinated with FMD vaccine. 73 farmers and 24 veterinary officials from the district participated in the programme.