Youth towards Hortiprenuership an Entrepreneurship Development Programme to be held on 18th January 2020 at KVK Gonikoppal.

Opening of second retail outlet of Puthari FPO in Virajpet

The Farmer Producer company (Puthari FPO) supported by our Gonikoppal Kodagu kvk (IIHR) has achieved a sales turnover of 1.7 crores in 2nd year of operation. It operates from KVK Gonikoppal campus. Advantage for farmers is they can discuss with KVK scientists when they come to FPO.

Seeing the increased demand from farmers they have opened another outlet in Virajpet town which is 2nd retail outlet on 22nd August 2019. NABARD DDM Shri M.C Nanaiah opened the outlet which is funding the project.