1. Irrigate the Black pepper vines with 30-40 Ltrs of water per week per vine in order to avoid yellowing. 2. Spray Kaolin (3Kg/barrel) in order to avoid sun scorching due to direct sunlight in Black Pepper .

World Soil day 2018 Celebration at ICAR-KVK Gonikoppal, Kodagu

ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gonikoppal organized World Soil Day in collaboration with Department of Agriculture, Virajpet taluk on 5th December 2018 at KVK office. The programme was inaugurated by Smt. Selvi, President, Gram Panchayath, Gonikoppal. Smt. Reena Assistant Director of Agriculture, briefed about the importance of Krishi Abiyana.

Dr. Saju George Senior Scientist & Head, highlighted the importance of World soil day and role of organic carbon and beneficial micro organisms in maintaining soil health and its crop production to the gathered farmers. Smt. Pankaja, Zilla Panchayath memeber and Shri Prakash, Taluk Panchayath member were grace the occasion. On the occasion, distributed soil health cards to the farmers, and released extension folder on “importance of soil testing and its recommendation for sustainable agriculture”. Also, guest lecture was arranged on importance of soil testing and coffee nutrition by Dr. Shivaprasad, Scientist, Central Coffee Research Station, Chettalli. Dr. Vijay Angadi, gave a talk on sustainable management of soil health for crop production. Exhibition of display of technologies, schemes by various line departments was arranged for benefit of 150 farmers.Method demonstration of soil pH and measurement of bulk density of black pepper was demonstrated to the participants. The programme was coordinated by Prabhakar SMS (Horticulture).