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Post Monsoon Advisory on Black Pepper for farmers of Kodagu

Black Pepper

In majority of black pepper areas, soil moisture remained excessive for prolonged periods due to incessant rains, leading to damage of primary and feeder roots causing yellowing of plants that are in bearing stage. The incidence of Phytophthora foot rot (both aerial and root infections) was widely prevalent. Spike shedding due to Colletotrichum is also observed in vines weakened by the prolonged monsoon under misty conditions in high altitude regions. After rains with water table receding a higher degree of the yellowing is expressed as the roots cannot support the nutrient supply for standing crop. Heavy water flow due to incessant rains has caused severe top soil loss, exposing roots and thereby causing yellowing.

  1. Provide adequate drainage to reduce water stagnation
  2. Removal and destruction of dead vines along with root system from the garden to reduce the build-up of Phytophthora inoculum
  3. Prune the branches of standards/ support trees to avoid excess humidity and for better penetration of sunlight
  4. Apply enough organic mulch to prevent further soil erosion in the coming rainy season which on decomposition will add to the organic matter content of the soil
  5. Immediate soil testing and need based fertilizer application
  6. Apply lime / dolomite (500 g per standard) for building the soil structure and fertility of bases
  7. Apply FYM 5-10 kg/vine fortified with any bioagents, two weeks after application of lime
  8. Replant Glyricidia / Silver Oak wherever the support trees are damaged.
  9. Spray one-two rounds of foliar sprays of soluble NPK (19 all) + IISR black pepper micronutrient mixture (@ 1 kg each dissolved in 200 L water) to boost the health of the plant and for new root regeneration
  10. Apply 5-10 kg FYM or 3-5 kg of compost enriched with biofertilizers/ PGPRs at the base of the vine and cover with soil to build up the soil organic matter content
  11. Drench with 4-5lit AMC (4kg mixed in 200lit of water) for plant health management
  12. Drench all vines at a radius of 45-50 cm with copper oxychloride (0.2%) @ 5-10 litres/vine and give a foliar spray with Bordeaux mixture (1.0%)
  13. After one month, a second application of spray and drench can be repeated
  14. Manage anthracnose/ spike shedding by prophylactic spraying of Bordeaux mixture (1.0%) or carbendazim + mancozeb (0.1%)
  15. Spray quinalphos (0.05%) at monthly intervals for managing sucking pest infestation

(Prepared based on recommendations from ICAR-IISR, Calicut and inputs from ICAR-KVK,Gonikoppal scientists)