1. To manage Koleroga disease in Arecanut. spray 1% Bordeaux mixture to bunches along with wetting agent and drench Copper oxychloride 3 gm per lit.

Awareness cum Training Programme on PPV & FRA organized at Bhagamandala by ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kodagu

Awareness cum training programme on Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act (PPV& FRA) was organized by ICAR-KVK, Gonikoppal at Gowda Samaja, Bhagamandala, Kodagu district in collaboration with Sri Bhagandeshwara Horticultural Farmers Producers Company Ltd (SBHFPCL), Bhagamandala on 13th February 2019. A total of 152 farmers actively participated in the programme apart from officials from different departments. Shri. Veerendra Kumar K.V Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection), ICAR-KVK, Gonikoppal welcomed the guests and participants. Dr.Saju George, Senior Scientist & Head, ICAR-KVK, Gonikoppal outlined and explained about the purpose of the programme and spoke about the importance of Biodiversity prevailing in the district which has to be properly documented through PPVFRA authority.

The programme was inaugurated by Shri Kodi K.Ponnappa, President, Sri Bhagandeshwara Horticultural Farmers Producers Company Ltd, Bhagamandala. In his inaugural address explained about the importance of Intellectual Properties Rights and the benefits of PPV&FRA for the farmers. He also spoke about the Farmers Producer Company has grown through the last 2 years. Dr. S.J.Anke Gowda, Principal Scientist & Head, ICAR-IISR, Regional Station Appangala, Madikeri was the Chief Scientist who spoke on farmers can register their varieties and the procedure for DUS testing for registering. He stressed on the farmer’s rights in the act and provisions for registering farmers varieties present in the act. He also touched upon the current scenario of Registrations in spice crops. Shri. Shiva Kumar, Progressive Planter explained about Conservation of wild edible fruits of Kodagu District. On this occasion a compendium on PPV and FRA (in Kannada) brought out by KVK, was also released and given to all farmers. Mr.Kishore, Vice President, BHFPCL. Bhagamandala, Shri.Narayana Achar, Progressive Planter, Bhagamandala, Shri. Harry Thammaiah, Progressive Planter, Cherambane, Scientists from ICAR-IISR-Regional Station Appangala, Specialists of KVK Gonikoppal and Department of Horticultural officials also participated in the programme. Several queries were raised by the growers during the discussion. The farmers took active participation in the whole programme.

On the occasion, an exhibition was also organized to exhibit collection of different spices, vegetables and fruits grown by the farmers locally and having different characteristics. Shri.Prabhakara B. SMS (Horticulture), compeered the whole programme. A total of 152 farmers/ planters are actively participated in the programme. The programme was covered by print media and AIR, Madikkeri.