1. Rainfall recorded at KVK Gonikoppal on 21.06.2019 was 0.13 inches (3.3 mm). 2 .To manage Koleroga and Bud rot diseases in Arecanut, Spray Bordeaux mixture (1%) at least two times at an interval of 45 days. 3. Spray potassium Phosphonate 3 ml per lit. or 1% Bordeaux mixture during first week of June to manage Foot rot (Quick wilt) disease in Black Pepper.

On Farm Testings(OFTs) - 2018-19

On-farm testing to identify the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems.

Crop/enterprise Title of intervention No. of Demo Area(ha)/Units
Cassava Assessment of Cassava varieties for higher yield and Income 3 1.0
Black Pepper Assessment of Pepper varieties for higher yield potential in high altitude region 5 2.0
Bitter gourd Assessment of Bitter gourd varieties for higher yield 5 1.0
Black Pepper Management of yellowing and spike shedding in Black Pepper 5 2.0
Assessment of Bitter gourd varieties for higher yield
Assessment of Ginger varieties for higher yield
Foot rot disease management in Black Pepepr