1. Irrigate the Black pepper vines with 30-40 Ltrs of water per week per vine in order to avoid yellowing. 2. Spray Kaolin (3Kg/barrel) in order to avoid sun scorching due to direct sunlight in Black Pepper .

Goatary Unit

In KVK farm we are having Malabari goatary unit where we are breeding the malabari goat breed which is very much suitable for the Kodagu district. This breed has a unique character of giving birth to two goat kids in single Kidding. Adult female goat weighs around 30 kg whereas adult male weigh around 35 kg. We are producing around 25 goat kids per year where these were distributed to the local farmers with nominal charge and preference is given to those farmers who have got training on goatary from the KVK.

Goatary unit shed

Goatary unit