1. To manage Koleroga disease in Arecanut. spray 1% Bordeaux mixture to bunches along with wetting agent and drench Copper oxychloride 3 gm per lit.

Field day on Bhendi Hybrid Arka Nikita organised at ICAR-KVK, Gonikoppal, Kodagu

The Field day on Bhendi hybrid Arka Nikita was organised at KVK Gonikoppal Athur Farm on 27th Dec, 2018. The crop was grown in half an acre demonstration plot with drip, fertigation and polymulch. About 93 farmers, farmwomen, officials from ATMA, Horticulture department participated from all the three talukas of the district. Dr. Saju George, Head, KVK welcomed the guests and farmers and also explained about the different demonstration units at KVK for the benefit of the farmers. Shri. Bose Mandanna, a Progressive Farmer and former Vice President of Coffee Boar, inaugurated the field day. In his inaugural address, he emphasized on the importance of soil health, low price of coffee and pepper and the income coming only during once in a year for planters. He mentioned that about 35,000 hectares of paddy land is lying fallow from December to April months after the harvest of paddy. Here farmers can easily cultivate vegetables and can earn supplementary income.

Dr. M Pitchaimuthu, Principal Scientist, IIHR, Bengaluru, highlighted the speciality of hybrid Nikita in terms of high yield (25 t/ha) compared to 20t/ha from other varieties, early maturity, tolerance to yellow vain mosaic virus. The farmer has to harvest every 3rd to get more branching, flowers and yield. Apart from good amount of fibre, the behndi crop is rich in calcium, iodine and other minerals from the health point of view. Mr. K.A. Devaiah, SMS, Horticulture explained to the farmers the package of practices, right from sowing, spacing, nutrient, pest and disease management to harvest. The whole programme was coordinated by Shri Prabhakar, SMS, Horticulture. A field visit, scientists farmers interaction, sale of vegetable seed packets were all arranged as part of the field day programme.