1. Rainfall recorded at KVK Gonikoppal on 21.06.2019 was 0.13 inches (3.3 mm). 2 .To manage Koleroga and Bud rot diseases in Arecanut, Spray Bordeaux mixture (1%) at least two times at an interval of 45 days. 3. Spray potassium Phosphonate 3 ml per lit. or 1% Bordeaux mixture during first week of June to manage Foot rot (Quick wilt) disease in Black Pepper.

Front Line Demonstrations(FLDs) - 2018-19

Frontline Demonstrations to establish production potential of technologies on the farmers’ fields.

Category/Crop or enterprise Technologies Demonstrated No. of Demo Area(ha)/Units
French Bean Demonstration of high yielding, stringless French Bean variety Arka Sharath 10 1.0
Yard Long bean Introduction of high yielding IIHR Yard Long bean variety Arka Mangala 10 1.0
Spine gourd Introduction of Spine gourd Arka Neelanchal Shanti – For diversification 5 1.0
Coffee Integrated Crop Management in Coffee 10 4.0
Chilli Integrated Crop Management in Chilli hybrid Arka Meghana 10 1.0
Black Pepper Integrated Pest and Disease management in Black Pepper 10 4.0
Cucumber Integrated Pest and Disease management in Cucumber 10 1.0
Fodder Demonstration of Fodder cafeteria with Hybrid Napier- DHN-6 and Multi cut Fodder Sorghum-COFS-31 5 5.0
Fishery Composite Fish Culture in IFS plot 5 5.0
Piggery Integrated approaches to reduce Piglet mortality at the age of weaning 5 5.0
Total 80
IPDM in Black Pepper
High Yielding Blast Resistance Paddy variety KPR-1
Foot Rot disease management in Black Pepper
FLD on Integrated approaches to enhance Piggery production.
IPDM in Bitter gourd
Demonstration of fodder cafeteria