25 days Skill Development Programme on Mushroom grower and Horticulture Nursery at KVK Gonikoppal.

Farmers Advisory for Kodagu district for the month of August, 2019.

Crops and Recommendations post monsoon


  1. Collect and destroy infected / fallen nuts
  2. To manage Koleroga disease in Arecanut. spray 1% Bordeaux mixture to bunches along with wetting agent and drench Copper oxychloride 3 gm per lit
  3. Provide good drainage to prevent water logging
  4. 150gm/ tree 15 All can be given as nutients

Black Pepper

  1. Improve drainage in the estate to avoid water stagnation in the basin
  2. Drench Copper oxychloride 600g per 200 lt. as precautionary measure for quick wilt disease
  3. Spray quick wilt symptoms showing vines with Metalaxyl + Mancozeb 2g/ltr (Ridomil Gold, Matco, Tata master)


  1. Improve drainage in the estate
  2. Apply 150g urea or ammonium sulphate 100g or calcium nitrate 75g per plant to avoid dropping of berries
  3. Centering (1 ft) of bush can be taken up after the rain break to facilitate proper air and light to growing berries
  4. spray 1 % Bordeaux mixture or carbendazim 2g/ltr to manage Koleroga (Fruit rot)


  1. Do not allow animals for grazing in rainy season
  2. Provide animals with high energy diet i.e, feed at least 1kg concentrate feed during rainy season
  3. Keep cow sheds free from any dampness
  4. Feed 50-75g of quality minerals mixture to dairy cows along with concentrate feed


  1. Use short duration variety/Hybrids like Mukthi, KRH-2 for late sowing